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Self-Awareness Kit

The Spectra Self Awareness Kit is a unique and cost effective coaching and training tool that can be used again and again for both individuals and groups wishing to take control of and have a better understanding of their  personal and/or career development.


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The workbook and instructions provide an introductory guide for individual use but coaches, trainers and facilitators will soon learn how versatile the kit is and how easy it is to adapt the cards according to client needs.

The Spectra Self Awareness Kit gives the user the tools they need to:

  • Define their own sense of purpose
  • Understand and exploit their unique combination of talents and opportunities
  • Identify natural Leadership skills and build personal confidence

Consider a wider list  of career directions that match their talents. 

The Kit contains 9 sets of cards (504 in total) covering the 4 intelligences, leadership tasks and skills, money & leisure expectations plus a comprehensive range of career opportunities;  a workbook and an introduction to the process are also included.

More intensive training in the use of the kit is also available on request. 



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